Medical Insurance Claims AR (MICAR)

Medical Insurance Claims AR (MICAR)

Medical Insurance Claims AR (MICAR)

Medical Insurance Claims AR (MICAR) Recovery

Helps medical practices pay for previously unclaimed insurance carrier claims. Medical offices typically miss out on $500-$600k per provider due to billing inefficiencies, error and insurance carriers, which can be challenging for practice owners. MICAR Recovery simplifies the process, ensuring the recovery of lost revenue and continuous billing optimization for practices.

MICAR begins with a complimentary assessment.

  1. Certified billing and coding experts assess past and current billing for accuracy, potential improvements, and compliance issues.  
  2. Collectible past insurance Accounts receivable are identified for diligent collections.  
  3. Tech analysts analyze procedures and coding to identify opportunities for a 20–30% ongoing revenue increase.  
  4. Billing and coding experts, tech analysts and potentially health care attorneys review billing practices for healthcare compliance.

MICAR Recovery is charged on a performance basis with no up-front fees, so there is no risk to them to have us recover what they are due.

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